♥ Life of Fish ♥

Before jumping in.....

Hi! I'm Yu Hong, people also call me Fish. Welcome to my mini blog where I introduce myself to yall.

To start things off, you might be wondering, how did I get the nickname (more towards get stuck with honestly) of "Fish"? Well, the pronunciation of part of my name in chinese "Yu" is similar to how people pronounce fish in chinese, hence the name "Fish". In this mini blog of mine, I will be also sharing with you guys on my personal life, my gaming life and also my schooling life, so feel free to explore the page, all you have to do is to click on the links in the navigation bar! Have fun!

Lucky Find at Artbox
Meeting my form teacher at artbox

My Gaming Life

What I have been doing during most of my free time? Game. I enjoy playing the MMORPG genres but I do also play games of other genres such as League of Legends. I also occasionally play First Person Shooters (FPS) games although I tend to shy away from these games due to my horrible reaction speed. :3 The game that I have invested the most time in is none other than TERA. To know more about my gaming life, click here to know more.


My Semi-Weeb Life

If I have spent half my life gaming, the other half would be spent on watching anime / reading mangas. I got introduced to anime back when I was still in Primary 4, and the one that got me addicted to anime was none other than One Piece. Since then, I have finished many major/long animes by the time i reached secondary school. To find out more about my weeb life, click here.